Greenworld’s customers count on us to supply them with bulk herbs for the manufacturing of canned or jarred sauces. When it comes to making sauces, they understand that fresh herbs are the best choice to give their products the most delicious flavors. Here are just a few reasons why fresh is best when it comes to herbs and spices in making sauce:

1. Avoid Bitter Flavors Caused by Dried Herbs

While many home cooks rely on dried herbs and spices in their kitchen due to the challenges of keeping fresh herbs on hand, quality sauce makers understand that using dried herbs is risky. Overuse of dried seasoning leads to an unpleasant bitter flavor that will permeate and ruin their sauces. Packaged sauce companies rely on fresh herbs as part of their time (and focus group!) tested recipes

2. Reap the Benefits of Antioxidants in Fresh Bulk Herbs

Scientists have been studying the health benefits of herbs for decades, and many experiments have focused on injecting highly concentrated quantities of an herb to determine its ability to prevent cancer or other illnesses. However, there are proven protective benefits to using fresh bulk herbs in normal quantities as well. Simply adding fresh herbs to sauces can limit the damage caused by the fats in those sauces and keep your body healthy.

3. Prevent Food Fraud

Food fraud, really? It’s true. Bulk herbs and spices can be expensive, whether you buy fresh or dried, but unethical manufacturers can tamper with dried ingredients to decrease their expenses. Fillers like sawdust, chalk, ground up seeds, and dyes can be added to many dried herbs to lower their manufacturing costs. Buying fresh bulk herbs guarantees no disgusting fillers or dangerous chemicals. The following products are particularly prone to food fraud:

  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano
  • Paprika, chili powder, and other products that include red pepper

4. Enjoy Fresher Flavors in Your Sauces

Of course, fresh herbs provide the best flavors. There’s a reason many of the best restaurants in the world have their own herb gardens. The ability to add the fresh, inviting flavor of herbs to your sauce can make all the difference in the final product. Quality sauce manufacturers know that buying fresh, bulk herbs is one of the best ways to set their sauces apart from the competition!

Are you convinced? Talk to us today about ordering farm-fresh bulk herbs for your sauce-making operation!

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